Pay-off, Take-up units, Coilers

COMPREX creates a wide range of takeoffs, which could be used not only for cable and wires production, but in other sectors of industry as well, when it is necessary to unroll the material.

Pay-ups and take-offs differ not only by the size of the spool, but also by the way of guiding the product and the rotation speed of the spools.

COMPREX mainly offers spools and drums with a diameter range of 250 – 3200mm.

Bigger take-ups are mobile devices, so called traversing take-ups, allowing to roll and unroll the material while maintaining the axis of the material alongside the axis of the processing line.

The Company offers double take-ups to enable continuous production with no stops. This is done thanks to an automatic function which switches the product from a full spool to an empty spool after reaching the desired length or any other production parameter.

The take-ups feature high rotation speed which allows the usage of the lines with a production speed up to  30m/s (180m/min) .

For cable take-ups, two modes are generally used – with a compensator of the tension and with a constant tension, regulated with a set point and a tension controller.

The mode with the compensator is recommended for small sections of wires/cables/conductors with small values of tension. The second mode could be used for bigger section diameter of cables when there is no big risk of exceeding the maximum tension.

The tension compensators are delivered as an integrated part of the take-ups.


The take-off can be designed in two versions:

– with a drive system (active device) with motor regulated tension

– without drive system, with a manually regulated breaking device


The coilers produced by Comprex are used for the production of the wire (coils) for the desired commercial lengths. They are equipped with a meter counting device. The maximum speed of the cables and wires is up to 300 m/min.



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