Extrusion lines

COMPREX is supplying complete extrusion lines for the production of conductors, cables, pipes, profiles  and other similar products. Our main field still remains cable industry.

We offer esspecially a wide range of products, such as lines for extrusion in PVC, PE, including hard-extruding material, for conductors in silicon isolation and also for cables in rubber layers.

Our portfolio includes multi extrusion tandem lines to coat many layers at the same time. This process can be done both with two separate machines or with a double or triple head extrusion machine.

The content and parameters of the lines are specially designed by taking into consideration available space, budget and specific production needs. Because of the wide range of products we offer, we are flexible and we can adjust our machines to the buyer’s needs.

The lines are equipped with an automatic control system, usually including PLC and HMI, to visualize the process and to help the operators by showing the current status of the lines, by enabling the receipt production parameters, by checking the graphs and signal trends, and by generating alarms and reports for the line events.



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